JSC “Bunasta” has received an AEO status, allowing to fulfill customs formalities even quicker


JSC “Bunasta” has received the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status right before the company’s 5th birthday, on the 20th of December, 2017. This shows that Bunasta is a trustworthy partner and can provide high-quality customs procedure service execution. 

JSC “Bunasta” has received an AEO status, allowing to fulfill customs formalities even quicker

AEO permit owners enjoy their cargo and parcels being inspected less often, since they are objected to a less strict and rarer physical and document inspections, compared to other economic operators. Therefore, time and money, needed to unload, inspect and load the cargo back, are being saved. An AEO permit issued in one EU member-state is acknowledged by all other European Union countries.

The Authorized Economic Operator status consists of permits of various types: AEOC and AEOS. JSC “Bunasta” has been granted with an “Economic Operator authorized for customs simplification status” – AEOC. The owner of such a permit is allowed to use some of the benefits, listed in the customs legal acts.

This status is provided only after a thorough company business activity audit is executed and the company meets the following requirements: 1) there is data regarding the company’s adherence to the customs legal acts and tax rules; 2) there is evidence, supporting the high level of activity and goods flow management by the company, which is ensured by the trade (and in corresponding times – transport) registers’ management system, providing the possibility to properly execute customs inspections; 3) proof of solvency; 4) evidence that the company holds the practical competence of professional qualification standards directly related to its executed activities.

AEO permit holders can choose the place of cargo inspection, therefore upon their request, the customs inspection can be executed in a place different, from where the customs would usually inspect them. Choosing an alternative inspection place can shorten the cargo shipment delay and (or) can cut costs.

An AEO permit allows using the centralized customs clearance system and the self-control permit – allowing the economic activity operator to check some of the customs formalities, which are usually checked by the customs, by himself.

JSC “Bunasta” Director Jurgis Adomavičius is happy that “The provision of the AEO status is a strategic aim, achieved by the company and a perfect evaluation of the company’s activities and teamwork. This status is but one more step towards achieving the mission of our company – to help cargo carriers cross borders in a fastest and easiest of ways”.

According to the European Union customs statistics for 2017, the first amongst the Baltic States according to the number of issued AEO permits was Latvia, and Lithuania was not very far behind its neighbor. Out of all the member-states of the European Union, the most operators receiving AEO statuses were situated in Germany – 7763, Netherlands – 1796 and France – 1648 permits.