Preliminary transfer of the documents to the veterinary services, for the products of animal and plant origin (Veterinary Entry Document VID, Single Importation Document BID)

The products of the animal origin require a veterinary importation document, VID form.  It must be filled in for the consignments of animal products imported or carried through the EC territory.

The Veterinary Importation Document (VID) is issued after the veterinary inspection of the animal products consignment at the border veterinary post. VID comprises Part I and Part II. Part I is completed by the declarant or the person responsible for the consignment, and Part II is filled in by the state veterinarian at the border veterinary post who has performed the veterinary inspection of the consignment.

A Single Importation Document (BĮD form) is necessary for the products of plant origin. It is required for the consignments provided in legal acts and imported from third countries which official control is started by a veterinarian at the border veterinary post and completed by the territorial State Food and Veterinary Service.

BĮD is not filled in only in case if a consignment of non-living food is carried to a third country. Part I of BĮD must be submitted to the border veterinary post in advance (by fax, email, etc.) at least one working day before the consignment arrives at the border veterinary post.

Bunasta provides with the service of advance electronic filling in and submission of the documents (VID, BID) to the veterinary services.

BID and VID can be ordered by sending documents by email t1@bunasta.eu or at driver service centres on the way to the borders.

The documents required to submit VID and BID are as follow:

  • Cargo transportation documents (CMR, etc.);
  • Invoice;
  • Entry to the EU border post;
  • Exit from the EU border post (when transiting through the EU);
  • Veterinary origin certificate of the origin cargo country;
  • European health certificate, sheet 1 and sheet 2;
  • Driver's mobile telephone number.