Transit Declaration (T1)

Must be presented together with CMR and invoice when goods are imported to the EU.
Presented to the customs authorities at the border crossings to the Baltic countries and Poland.

T1 price calculator

TIR Carnet Transit

Obligatory prior notification sent to the EU customs authorities: customs intermediary completes the electronic TIR declaration and submits it to the customs via the NCTS system. That way a EU customs office receives the necessary information according to the requirements of the Customs Code. The international TIR Carnet warranty is used.

The new computerized transit system (NCTS)

  • Faster and cheaper border crossing with a cargo
  • The cargo is declared according to the EU requirements 1 hour before the vehicle arrives to the border
  • Transparent pricing – one bill for all the borders

The process:

  1. The following data has to be emailed to t1@bunasta.eu:
    • CMR
    • Invoice
    • Name of the border crossing point that will be crossed when entering the EU
    • The driver's mobile phone number
  2. The declaring party fills in the transit declaration and provides warranty
  3. The declaration number (LRN) is sent to the driver by text message
  4. The driver presents the LRN number and the cargo to the border control

You can send the documents for declaration independently or at the drivers’ service centers on the way to the borders crossing points.