Transit declarations via EU (T1) and guarantees to the EU customs offices

Transit declarations (T1) are filled up for the cargoes transported to the EU countries.

T1 is provided to the customs offices in the Baltic States and Poland.

The EU customs office is informed in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Code. The cargo is declared according to the EU requirements an hour before the car arrives at the customs clearance office.

Bunasta uses its general customs guarantee which can be used for all EU customs offices, thus saving your money.

T1 can be ordered by sending documents by email:

• if you cross the Belarusian border through Lithuania and Latvia: by email  t1@bunasta.eu

• if you cross the Belarusian border through Poland: by email t1pl@bunasta.eu

• if you cross the Russian border: by email t1@bunasta.eu

• and also in the drivers' service centers and through the mobile application "Bunasta".

After completing the transit declaration and providing the guarantee, the driver receives a declaration number (LRN) by SMS.

The driver has to present this LRN number to the border customs clearance officer during the customs clearance when entering the EU.

The documents required for T1 preparation are as follow:

  • Cargo transportation documents (CMR, etc.);
  • Commercial invoice;
  • Advance invoice (pro forma);
  • Packing sheet;
  • Foreign export declaration (if any);
  • Other documents accompanying the consignment;
  • Other supplementary documents are provided for the imported consignment, if the legal acts so require.

The following information is to be provided:

  • Customs clearance office where the customs transit clearance is started;
  • Customs clearance office where the customs transit clearance is completed;
  • Also, other relevant information related to the consignment of the goods, if requested;
  • Contact information for the clarification or transfer of the information on the services provided;
  • The payer is specified.
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