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Import and Export
Completion of Declaration Forms

  • Export refers to transportation of goods or services from one country to another according to legal requirements. The term may be applied to both the process and the volume of the process. Export goods and services are normally supplied by the state (local) producers or suppliers, and received by a foreign country‘s citizens or organizations. Trade export is regulated by the customs law of both the exporting and the importing countries.
  • Import refers to transportation of goods or services into a country. The term applies to both the process and its volume. The procedures and formalities of import in the European Union are regulated by the Commonwealth Customs Code. Goods can be imported by sea, by air or by land roads, as well as by railway. Goods can be brought in by companies or private individuals in their luggage, they can also be sent in by post. Specific customs formalities depend on the means and method of transportation.

CMR and TIR Carnet
Transportation Paperwork

  • CMR is the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road. It can also be used for local transportation. CMR packing list is the document that shows that the carrier is accountable to both the sender and the receiver of the goods, all the transportation route is marked in the document.
  • TIR Carnet (TIR booklet) is a customs transit document that functions as customs declaration and tax warranty. The booklet is issued only to carriers who are members of the TIR Carnet Association.

We fill in TIR Carnet and we act on our clients‘ behalf at the customs when submitting electronic TIR Carnet declarations via NCTS system.

FITO, VET and others

  • FITO is a document that confirms that plants, products derived from plants and related objects imported to a non-EU member state comply with the plant health requirements of that state. The document is obligatory when transporting fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, seeds, sprouts and other products of plant origin as well as wood and wood products. Veterinary check of goods and products imported from non-EU member states is done at the territorial departments of the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service.
  • Veterinary certificate (VET) is issued for transportation of animals and animal products, animal food and veterinary medication to foreign countries. Standard issue VET certificate for EU and third countries is issued by the State Food and Veterinary Service. When non-animal food is transported to third countries, a non-animal food certificate is issued, if the importing countries require it.


  • KIPIS is the information system of cargo and goods shipped via Klaipeda national seaport, its function is data exchange between legal entities participating in cargo shipping via Klaipeda seaport and state institutions supervising the port‘s activities.

    Bunasta Ltd. staff will gladly help you out and provide KIPIS system with all the required information regarding your cargo.

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  • EVIS is the Lithuanian border crossing online reservation system (www.ltsiena.eu).

    Bunasta Ltd. staff will gladly help you out and fill in the EVIS reservation.

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We offer consultations regarding the import procedures in Belarus and Russia.