Customs clearance of the export declarations

Export is the regulated export of the goods from the EU to third countries. Trade exports are regulated by the customs laws of both states, the exporting and the recipient countries.

Bunasta fills in export declarations 24/7 at major service centres.

The procedure for the completion of the export declaration is as follows: the cargo arrives at Bunasta JSC territories, the driver leaves the documents for the cargo transportation to the customs broker’s representatives who, in turn, submit the data to the customs office.

The export declaration can be ordered at driver service centres.

The documents required for the preparation of the export declaration are as follow:

  • Cargo transportation documents (CMR, etc.);
  • Other documents provided by the carrier (e.g. TIR);
  • Commercial invoice;
  • Advance invoice (pro forma);
  • Contracts, if any;
  • Packing sheet;
  • Other documents accompanying the consignment;
  • Additional documents are provided, if required by the law on the exported consignment.

The following information is to be provided

  • Customs clearance office which requires a declaration;
  • Export customs office where the export clearance is completed;
  • Information related to the consignment of the exported goods, if requested (e.g. TARIC product codes, descriptions, explanations, translations or other information requesting confirmation in writing);
  • Contact information for the clarification or transfer of the information on the services provided;
  • The payer is specified.