Registration of the economic operator’s code EORI

The registration and identification of the economic operator’s code (EORI) is a unique code used by the European Community and provided by the customs office of a member state to economic operators and other persons.

The EORI code is used to identify economic operators and other persons when dealing with the customs office, i.e. during customs clearing (import, export, transit customs procedures, applications for the issuance of permits provided in the customs regulations, etc.).

The EORI number given in one member state is valid in other member states as well. Therefore, it is enough to get an EORI code once. Each carrier, consignor and consignee must have these codes. Bunasta can arrange the codes to each of them.

EORI code registration can be ordered by email t1@bunasta.eu or telephone +370 698 56269.

The documents required for EORI code registration are a follow:

  • An application form of a set form;
  • A registration document certifying the person’s identity.