CMR, TIR Carnet

Preparation of the following cargo accompanying documents: CMR and TIR Carnet

CMR consignment note is a document certifying the cargo transportation agreement. It can also be used for local carrying. This is a document of the carrier’s reporting for the consignor and the consignee which marks all parts of the route.

Customs brokers working for Bunasta JSC provide with the CMR filling and printing service according to the instructions given by the client.

TIR Carnet is a customs transit document serving as a customs declaration and a tax payment guarantee. A carnet is issued only to the carriers that belong to the TIR Carnet Association.

We fill out the TIR Carnet and represent at the customs office when submitting electronic TIR Carnet declarations via the NCTS system.

The service of filling in TIR Carnet and additional documents such as CMR can be ordered at driver service centres (Vilnius - Lithuania, Porosly - Poland). For more detailed information, please call by telephone +370 698 56269 in Lithuania and +48 8848 50384 in Poland.