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We designed a mobile application Bunasta to facilitate the work of carrier companies managers and drivers when sending documents to our service centers. Speed and quality are our top priorities in the customer service.

Bunasta mobile application is the most efficient and convenient way to transfer all required documentation for ordering EPI, EPI with the guarantee, T1, E-Manifest, E-TIR and other declarations, and monitor real-time order execution. When using the application, transfer of all the documents required for the transportation will take just a few minutes.

DOWNLOAD and take advantage of all the benefits!

Quickest document transfer

Photograph documents with your telephone and send them directly to our declarants by using our mobile application Bunasta.

One-click services

Order EPI, Guarantees, T1 and E-Manifest, E-TIR and other declarations simply and quickly.

Information about your orders

Real-time status of ordered services.

Saving time

A mobile application saves precious travel time and facilitates driver’s work with the documents. If cargo documents reach us when the truck is still going to the customs and transporting a cargo, our experts carry out EPI, T1 or EPI with the guarantee, and send the information to the driver by SMS.

Saving important information

Recurrent data, such as technical passports of tugboats or semi-trailers, telephone numbers or state plate numbers can be saved for the next time. This will facilitate ordering of the services since only cargo documents need to be photographed.

Easy to use

Consistent ordering (step by step).


All Bunasta service centers and contacts.

Your language

Select the language: Lithuanian, Polish or Russian.

How to use:

1. Download the application and select the language: Lithuanian, Polish or Russian.

2. Enter your telephone number. You will receive SMS with the code. Enter it in the field “Password”.

3. Select a desired service for ordering EPI, EPI + warranty or T1.

4. Photograph and attach all the necessary documents to assigned categories.

5. Select the border which you want to cross and click “Continue”.

6. Enter your telephone number and state plate number, and click “Send”.

Bunasta application - the most efficient data transfer.