Always on the way

Our motto is earlier, faster, easier. This is why we have service centers not only at the border crossing points, but also en route to them. It enables the drivers of our clients to use their time in the most efficient way: they can prepare for the rest of their journey as there are fuel station, cafes and shopping centers right next to all of our stations. They do not have to make detours because our stations are on the way to all the Lithuanian and Polish border crossings with Belarus, and in Belarus – on the way to the border crossings with Lithuania and Poland. Drivers arrive at the border with all the necessary documents.

BUNASTA Ltd. offices on the way: in Lithuania – in Klaipėda and Vilnius, in Poland – in Porosly and Koroshchin (Pajero parking), in Belarus and Russia – on the way to the Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Polish borders.

BUNASTA Ltd. border offices - additional service centers in Poland at Kuznica and Bobrowniki border crossing points.